motorcycle insurance in las vegas

Motorcycle Insurance

If you are looking for Motorcycle Insurance in Las Vegas, we have the best options to accurately cover your motorcycle and ensure you and your riders are safe.

Motorcycle Standard Coverage
Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability

Pays for damages to other vehicles and property. It also pays for injuries to other drivers/motorcyclist and for legal expenses if you’re sued.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

If you are hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance, this coverage can help pay for damages to your motorcycle, injuries/medical bills, and lost wages if you can’t work.


This coverage will pay to repair or replace your motorcycle if it’s stolen or damaged. There are various deductible options and you can choose the one that works best for you.

Medical Payments

If you’re in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, this coverage will pay for you and your passengers medical bills.

Additional Coverage
Accessories & Custom Parts/ Equipment

This covers aftermarket parts and equipment not originally installed on your vehicle by the manufacturer. Policy limits vary.

OEM Parts

When it comes to repairs, our carriers promise that they will use original manufacturer parts in your vehicle.

Total Loss Coverage

The coverage will vary depending on the make/model of your motorcycle, however, this coverage will pay you what it cost to buy a brand-new bike if you suffer from a total loss.

Roadside Assistance

If your bike is damaged or disabled, roadside assistance will tow you to the nearest qualified repair facility at no additional cost.

Trip Interruption

Bundled with roadside assistance, trip interruption will help pay for food and/or lodging expenses if you’re stranded away from home.

Enhanced Injury Protection

This coverage will pay you if you’re injured and can’t work. Policy limits vary.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

Save more money on your motorcycle insurance if your home, car, boat, or RV is insured with the same insurance provider.

Safety Course

Complete an approved motorcycle safety course and you could lower your motorcycle insurance rate.

Experienced Riders

Our insurance providers will adjust the rate to reflect your motorcycle experience.

Motorcycle Safety Features

This discount is offered if your motorcycle has anti-theft and anti-lock brakes.

Quote in Advance

Quote at least one day before your actual policy starts, and you’ll get a discount.

Pay in Full

Just pay your policy in full and earn a discount.


Motorcycle Toolkit Essentials

Safety tips for group motorcycle rides

Motorcycle front suspension tips


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Liability insurance in required to operate a motorcycle in Nevada. The minimum limit required is, $25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident, $20,000 property damage per accident.

Yes. Your motorcycle insurance can cover your passengers for the injuries up to the amount written in your policy declaration. Ask your agent if your policy includes your passengers. You may need to add an additional endorsement.

If you’re looking to receive a motorcycle quote from multiple carriers, contact Nevada Insurance Solutions, Inc. We have access to various markets which allow us to provide you with the best coverage at the most affordable cost.

Considering there are many variables when determining a motorcycle insurance premium, the average cost of an motorcycle policy in Nevada can range between $100-$500.