Protection for cyber risk

Businesses of all types depend on computers and other online systems daily, whether to service customers, market products, or accept payments. But this digital world also comes with cyber-related risk — including system failures, privacy breaches, and ransomware attacks, to name a few.   

Without the right cyber liability insurance protection, responding to an event could be devastating to a company’s finances and reputation. Ourcyber liability insurance solution helps protect companies against a variety of network security and privacy exposures resulting from data breaches and other cyber events. 


A protective partnership


Solutions for online risk    

The fallout from a cyber incident can be significant, costing businesses time, money, and valued customer relationships.  

Ourcyber liability insurance solution provides critical first– and third–party protection, covering financial losses related to: 

  • Notifying individuals of a data breach and providing credit monitoring services 
  • Complying with regulatory proceedings, fines, and penalties 
  • Lost revenue due to network loss 
  • Restoring data and network equipment 
  • Paying cyberextortion ransoms 
  • Lawsuits alleging failure to protect customers’ information due to theft, unauthorized access, viruses, or denial of service attacks of your computer system 
  • Lawsuits alleging acts such as libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement  

We also offer optional coverages, including: 

  • System and dependent failure  
  • Social engineering  
  • Funds transfer fraud 
  • Invoice manipulation  
  • Reputational harm  
  • Voluntary shutdown 

And as cyber risks evolve,you can rely on us to bring the experience, strength, and stability of a Fortune 100 company to every policy. 


Expertise that delivers    

As the world becomes more digital, businesses face a variety of online threats — any of which can cause significant damage to a company’s finances and reputation.  

When you work with us, you benefit from not just the right cyber coverage, but also support when you need it the most. Our underwriters and claims professionals understand cyber exposures across different industries and work together to stay on top of key drivers of cyber risk, including: 


  • Social engineering 
  • Ransomware 
  • Hacking 
  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks 


This expertise is combined with a customer-centric service approach that keeps your company’s needs top of mind. If issues arise,count on usto help protectyour company from the impact of cyber threats. 


Better control over claims    

After a cyber incident, a prompt response is important. When you need fast action,our claims team isready to provide aresponsive andefficientserviceexperience.   

Our claims professionalswork closely with the underwriters who develop our insurance programs,so they have a deep understanding of our customers’ operations and the cyber risks they face. 

Add ongoing training,highly experienced seniorclaims leaders,andaculturethat promotes proactive decision makingand you get professionals who are empoweredtoresolve claimsquickly and with each customer’s best interests in mind.   

With ourcyber liability insurancesolutions, customers can benefit from:     

  • Dedicated claimsteamswith in-depth experience investigating, evaluating, and resolvingcyber claims 
  • Rapidresponsevia a Cyber Responsemobile app, available for iOS devices and Android devices 
  • Risk–management, training, and compliance resources 
  • A virtual privacy hotline for chief information security officers  
  • A 24/7 data breach hotline