If you are looking for Homeowner’s Insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada Insurance solutions can find a homeowner’s insurance policy that is right for you.

Homeowner’s Insurance in Las Vegas is customizable, as every client requests different coverage. With various property types and coverage differentiating from policy to policy, our agency is focused on explaining the options and differences to make your decision-making process as simplified as possible. Whether you’re purchasing insurance for your first home or for an investment or rental property, we can help you find an affordable homeowner’s insurance policy that protects your home and personal belongings.

The Importance of Homeowner’s Insurance

As a homeowner, you probably spend majority of your time in your home with the people that matter the most to you. Nevada Insurance Solutions will ensure that you are protected in case of an unexpected event.

Coverage We Offer
Dwelling Coverage

If your home is damaged from house fires, severe weather, falling objects, theft, vandalism, etc., dwelling coverage can help pay to repair or rebuild your home. Limits are based on the estimated cost of rebuilding your home.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal Property Coverage will cover personal items in your home. This coverage could include furniture, electronics, clothes, and sporting goods. Limited coverage for jewelry, money, fine-art, and more could be scheduled.

Other Structures Coverage

This coverage will apply if any detached structures are damaged like garages, sheds, and fences on your property, other structures coverage can pay for covered damages.

Loss of Use Coverage

Is your home in unlivable conditions temporarily? Loss of use coverage can pay your additional living expenses while your home is being restored.

Personal Liability Coverage

If you or a member of your household is responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage to others, liability coverage can help protect you in the event of a claim and provide defense in the event of a lawsuit.

Additional Insurance Coverage Offered
Jewelry & Valuable Items

If you don’t have enough coverage for valuable items in the event of a covered loss, jewelry and valuable items coverage will provide you with actual value coverage. This will protect your valuable possessions such as jewelry and engagement rings, silverware, antiques, musical instruments and more.

Water Backup and Sump Pump Discharge or Overflow

If water backs up from a sewer or drain within your home, or if water is discharged from your sump pump, Water Backup and Sump Pump Discharge or Overflow coverage can help cover the loss up to a specified dollar amount. If there is a flood or surface water backup, this does not cover you.

Identity Fraud

If your identity is used fraudulently, identity fraud expense reimbursement coverage can provide up to $25,000 to cover expense to restore your identity.

Green Home Coverage

Green home coverage will provide additional protection that can help repair, replace or rebuild with green materials.

Home Warranty Program

At Nevada Insurance Solutions, we work with carriers that provide home warranty programs. Home warranty programs will help cover the costs of home systems and appliance breakdowns due to wear and tear. This program will cover things like your water heater, air conditioning, and refrigerator and includes 24/7 access to customer service. Exclusions and limitations apply.


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