Don’t sail in Mexico without the proper coverage. If you are a foreigner sailing your boat or yacht to Mexico, Mexican boat insurance is a must. However, foreigners sailing in Mexico are used to certain standards of coverage that simply aren’t available from traditional Mexican boat insurance policies.

In fact, the Mexican boat insurance market isn’t well-suited to the needs of foreigners sailing in Mexican waters. Many traditional Mexican boat insurance policies are structured differently from American policies and contain coverage parts that foreigners aren’t familiar with. Furthermore, some contain funny exclusions that may leave boaters unprotected when they need coverage most. Worse yet, policy terms may not be available in English so it can be impossible to know what coverage you are purchasing.

NIS understands the frustration of boaters looking for adequate coverage in Mexico. As such, we have worked diligently to create Mexican boat insurance policies that fit the needs of foreigners sailing in Mexico.


The Best Mexican Watercraft Insurance

At NIS, we offer Mexican boat insurance policies that adhere to American standards. Our policies look and read like American policies and provide the same coverage parts as you would expect in US policies. This includes options to select coverage from liability, hull damage, uninsured boaters, and other coverage parts common in US policies. Moreover, we provide policy terms in both English and Spanish so there is no confusion about exactly what coverage you are purchasing.

To make buying and selling insurance easier for you, we offer simplified rating through our online portal. Instantly quote and bind policies online, it’s that simple! At NIS, we ensure you have the most complete coverage and most convenient products on the Mexican insurance market.


Insurance for Every Sailor

Our Mexican watercraft insurance covers everything from yachts and sailboats to Jet Skis and Sea-Doos. Policy length is flexible, so it’s simple to buy a policy for a weekend getaway or for a boat you regularly dock at a Mexican marina. Every sailor in Mexico is important to us, so we’re sure we can provide coverage for your specific needs.