Cybersecurity breaches have been on the rise, and it’s expected that by 2023, they’ll have grown to 15.4 million.

In addition to implementing strict cybersecurity policies, you also have to take proactive measures to reduce your cybersecurity risks.

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How can you reduce cybersecurity risk for your business? 

Here are 10 practical strategies that you should implement:

  • Encrypt Your Data and Create Backups: Data encryption, limits data access to parties that have the encryption key.
  • Conduct Regular Employee Training: Without proper training, the employee may end up falling to phishing emails.
  • Keep Your Systems and Software Updated: Fix bugs and patch security flaws and vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
  • Reduce Your Attack Surface: This are the vulnerabilities or entry points that malicious hackers can use to access sensitive data. 
  • Pay Close Attention to Physical Security: Conduct a security assessment and determine whether you are safe from security breaches. 
  • Put a Killswitch in Place: This is used by your IT department to shut down all systems as soon as they detect anything suspicious.
  • Install Firewalls: A reliable system will effectively protect you from brute attacks or prevent security incidents from causing irreversible damage.

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